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New Music: BADLAWS. // I'm Not Myself

In their upcoming new single, BADLAWS. do not even slightly disappoint! With a bitter-sweet and poignant melody against the melancholic and nostalgic backdrop, BADLAWS.’ new release ‘I’m Not Myself’ captures the essence of their dark-pop and alternative rocky sound, supported by the singer’s gritty and raw vocals and the roughened, hazy background chords.

I'm Not Myself - photo credit: Ed Fair

From the opening lines, you’re already enraptured by the gradual build-up of mellow and harmonic tones, harshly but beautifully accompanied by the stark and fitting voice of the female lead, creating a despondent and immersive atmosphere. Within this unassuming introduction, the dip of the verse to the chorus from the “purest ocean” into a sea of rugged but softened guitar chords envelops you—the crowd, the people, whoever—into a calm but reflective head-space; the bridge continues this notion, soft and deep, removing you from the mundane nature of your surrounding periphery. Makes you think, which is easy to forget about doing sometimes.

Following their slight release-hiatus, BADLAWS. are back with a track that seems to fuel and fulfill their passion for that intricate and sensational indie sound—one that is peppered with soulful tones of melancholia alongside the soft but prominent beat of drums and strum of guitars.

BADLAWS. - photo credit: Abbie Sibun

This new song seems to stray slightly away from their mostly upbeat, indie-rock sound, while still maintaining their strong, original and alternative resonance; something promising and to look forward to. ‘I’m Not Myself’ definitely suggests something intriguing, conjecture of a fresh and cooler change in BADLAWS. ’ sound and their progression as a collective band. Be sure to check them out on their socials (link below) and to follow their music!


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Written by: Emma