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Behind the Playlists // January 2021

Updated: Feb 28

Dusty Studios introduces its new monthly playlist updates! With six different and refreshing styles pertaining to the various lists, the blog aims to keep its listeners and readers in-tune with the best of the Brighton sound; a sound that it strives to embody and represent. We want to advertise the fresh, new sounds of the gigs that are hosted by Dusty, as we reminisce—and look forward to!—those fun times when we can all return to the dance-floor again.

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All Funked Up Depicting the most colourful new tracks of jazz, soul and funk: an amalgamation of some of the grooviest tunes, right here, serving as a spin-off from our Brighton event of the same name!

Yakul - North & South

MF Robots - Mother Funkin’ Robots

Esmé - For The Thrill

Other features include: Jordan Rakei, Diggin’ Dirt, SK and The Kings, and more.

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Into Indie Serving as a spin-off from our Brighton event ‘Into Indie’, we bring you some of the most inspiring, creative and original indie tracks from the alternative scene!

Fontaines D.C. - Televised Minds

Black Honey - Believer

Low Island - Feel Young Again

Other features include: The Slaughter House Band, Bleached, Jake Bugg, and more.

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Brighton Rock Our playlist ‘Brighton Rock’ celebrates the core of our image and passions—we want to showcase to you the best and brightest talents up-and-coming in the legendary Brighton scene.

Architects - Animals

Yonaka - Seize the Power

snake eyes - skeletons

Other features include: gloo, Beach Riot, STRANGE CAGES, and more.

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Top Pop

Our fun, pop playlist aims to retrieve the most diverse and capitating tunes that the vast genre has to offer! Keeping it both fresh and relevant.

Charlotte Haining - Young

Matt Taylor - Rush

Roosevelt - Strangers

Other features include: Rose Gray, Dua Lipa, ABISHA, and more.

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Band Substance

To saturate our podcasts, the band substance playlist features our guests’ favourite tracks of the past months, to illustrate their inspiration and share their favourite sounds! This month features rock trio ISLA.

Bring Me The Horizon - Obey (with YUNGBLUD)

Royal Blood - Trouble’s Coming

Deftones - Radiant City

Other features include: Cane Hill, DEAD SLOW, Ghostemane, and more.

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ISLA on Spotify

Blog Features

Keep up-to-date with our wonderful blog post releases with our synchronised playlist; featuring our favourites that we have presented on our blog!

ISLA - Don’t Love Me

Ten Hands High - Silent (With You)

Megzz - Tell Me Why

Other features include: SLANT, Maida Vorn, CUTTING TIES, and more.

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Artist Management

Keeping you in tune with all of the incredible tracks that our own artists have released, featuring ISLA and Jarki Monno!

edbl - Cigars (feat. Alfie Neale and Jarki Monno)

ISLA - Let’s Talk

Zach Said, Jarki Monno - 1 in a Million

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