• Brooke

New Music: Bellevue Days // S.A.D.

From their new 2019 Debut album, ‘It Can’t Possibly Go Wrong Ever’, Bellevue Day’s new single ‘S.A.D’, will send you through its punky motions. As the days get shorter and nights get colder, this track is relatable to anyone with those winter blues.

Diving straight in with its catchy hook, S.A.D is reminiscent of classic 90s American pop-punk with a British spin from Alan Smith’s leading vocals. The introduction sets the emotional tone of the song from the get-go. The raw single guitar with a vulnerable vocal tells you that the next three minutes are going to tell you a story very personal to the singer’s heart. Followed by the full band joining in, pushed by the aggressive drum style, the audience is now ready for the heavy Pop-Punk that this song provides.

Although unapologetically fierce in tone and lyricism, moments of honest vulnerability are the essential and best quality of this track. The lyrics offer a genuine ‘stream of consciousness’ element; in places unrefined but remains sincere to the artists true emotions. Feeling S.A.D, lonely, but also self-empowered, are the central sentiments of the track. The consistent dramatic rise and fall of the dynamics throughout encapsulates these expressions of vulnerability and builds an absorbed suspense. The ringing strums of the electric guitar creates thoughtful windows which complements and elevates the lyrics. The play between pop-punk angst, to these calmer and romantic compartments of the song, is effortlessly sown. The soft guitar solo to close the track, settles a juxtaposed delicacy that seamlessly fits. This sweetness, even after its end, leaves a melancholy resonance.

Bellevue Day’s, S.A.D manages to be both heart wrenching and seriously enjoyable, the sign of any good Pop-Punk influenced project. We can see big things coming from this band, we hope you do too.

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Written by: Brooke