• Emma

New Music: Birdman Cult // Snakes

A rocky, jittery, deep sound accompanies the entrance and lead, filtering into the backdrop, emphasising the prominence of the bass and of the perfect, classic-rock track framework noise. Inviting and menacing, procuring a trembling sensation; promising something vicious and exhilarating. Perfect for those who love that definitive guitar-sound and the archetypal pulse of the drums. Here are Birdman Cult, with their new single and debut-video, ‘Snakes’.

The black-and-white, grainy aesthetic of the video matches with the hooded character of the darkened and purposeful lead-vocal; together with the background of flames, animals, trees—transforming the natural setting into one that presupposes a necessary destruction.

This Bristol-based, 5-piece, new-wave garage-rock band showcase something that is upbeat and fresh, while also maintaining the tune of rock that is so classic and danceable, enclosed within the thudding, steady rhythm, attuned to the accented and harsh tone of the lyricism. Brings out the grit and vehemence that prevails with the harsh, shouted words. A slight dip into a twist of psychedelia provides a cool and refreshing contrast to the hum of the rhythm and bass guitars, smoothing the tense and ceaseless drumming.

Their novel and new-wave sound is definitely something to keep an eye out for! Show some support for their upcoming content and gigs!

Birdman Cult

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Youtube (Snakes) - http://bit.ly/2K7AhDw

Dusty Studio Productions

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Written by: Emma