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Ban The Disco + Dreeem presents: Ugly, Hypsoline, LIME and Bebe Music at The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

The Hope And Ruin delivered once again with headliner act ‘Ugly’, and three diverse openers; ‘Bebe Music’, ‘LIME’ and ‘Hypsoline’. Here’s an insight into Dusty’s experience seeing fresh up and coming bands performing on Brighton’s doorstep, put on by Ban The Disco and Dreeem.

Bebe Music

The first opener of the night was the classically smart looking Bebe Music. This 7-piece collaboration immediately radiated the venue with a nostalgic hit of the 60s. They brought a tailored and vintage look to the stage and offered composed melodies and bouncy instrumentals, evoking an authentic ‘Beatles-esc’ sound. The vibrancy of their 60s Rock n Roll inspirations was everlasting in the lead singers’ vocals and complemented perfectly by the dreamy backing of the backing vocals. Relatable and romantic, ‘Our town’ was played with the lead vocal and the piano taking centre stage, bringing a profound sense on intimacy to the set and effortlessly breaking down the barrier between the performers and audience. The nostalgic innocence of the bands sound and lyricism really took you through a time machine. It was easy to imagine their music being blasted into a mega-phone towards a British beachy holiday- alongside the Beach Boys. Bebe Music's performance was excellent in its simplicity, showing that the music was all they needed to capture the audience.


Bringing a spectacularly different vibe to the night was LIME, displaying an undeniable confidence that instantly alluded their powerful charisma. With the break into their first song, this four-piece woman wonder showed all the reasons why they’re worth the hype. LIME sparked an energy that carried the audience through a surf-psych and indie-rock realm. The lead guitarist (Leila Deeley) balanced indie-rock riffs and wacky experimental sounds, showing their unique and refreshing vision. Lead vocalist (Chloe Howard) performed with glamour in her tone and fire in her eyes. Singing as though she was telling you a story, you simply could not look away. Perfectly witty in lyricism and their alluring expressions offered a mesmerising identity that got the crowd invested in their infectious aura. Their tracks meshed fast pace rhythms, transcendent riffs, and slow tempo instrumentals that built moments of anticipation. Being lucky enough to catch their latest single ‘Surf n Turf’ live, you will definitely want to stream it ASAP.


During the night’s musical variation, Hypsoline delivered something mysterious from the get-go. Hypsoline showcased a set which fused punky but controlled bass lines and dream-pop vocals. The interesting subtly of the instrumentals allowed for the distinct raspy tones of the lead vocals to radiate the stage. In a dream-pop state, the bassist and simultaneous backing vocalist asserted a powerful dynamic to the stage and brought an angst ridden energy among relaxed expressions. Showing an abstract capability, ‘Space Babe’ caught the imagination of the audience and a sea of heads were bouncing to the tracks melodic and conceptual charm. Although easy on the ear, there is room for Hypsoline to experiment with their sound even more, and we’re here for it!


With the crowd successfully hyped and the room geared up with anticipation, Ugly got ready to educe the room with their hypnotic chaos. Ugly stretched out from one side of the stage to the other with no space left unfilled. The frontman (Sam) came on with his pink and Jesus stickered guitar showing that even in their aesthetic, this band represented an extroverted and lively type of art. With ringing reverbs, dashing drums and melodies that asked questions, ‘The Last Supper At The Regal Wetherspoons’ unearthed the edging nature of Ugly’s sound. Lead vocalist Sam, offered dreary, deep and convincing vocals with saddened allure. Instrumentals laced with the funk of jazz and the swelling sounds of punk, accelerated, clanged and compromised into a state of the most pleasant delirium. The trumpet player stimulated the wired melodies and soared the sound into overdrive. Although they cultivated sounds that ran away with curiosity, songs such as ‘Switch’, offered catchy lyrics that grounded the music to something tangible for the audience. Even more impressive, was their ability to intensify the swirling madness, and then transition to slower arrangements. With the audience dancing and jumping around to every song, Ugly’s performance has undoubtedly entered an experimental imagination that has only just began to be explored, and people are craving it.


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Written by: Brooke