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New Music: Cecília Pissarro // Gentle Kiss

Get ready to press play on Cecília Pissarro's debut single ‘Gentle Kiss’ and experience an immersion of raw and passionate emotion. Cecília sings of that one person who offers you romantic bliss but at the same time, someone who can leave you yearning for more; providing something to truly relate to, embraced within a refreshing and thoughtful composition. This track offers a R&B, Jazz and Soul inspired dream-world that sweeps you into a cloud of reflection. Soulful in its lyricism and it’s caressing instrumentals, ‘Gentle Kiss’ flows like silk.

The song opens with a slow tempo drum beat and is soon accompanied by the unison of Cecília's smooth vocal and the simple arrangement of jazz style guitar chords. The instrumental elements immediately curate an easy and tender rhythm, providing an authentic and honest sound. The expressive lyricism is beautifully refined by its unrushed temperament, leisuring in a romantic and dynamic vocal. Reaching the chorus, the track blends soft R&B with the flavour of jazz guitar transitions and supporting base nuances. The backing vocals brilliantly elevate the lyrical sentiments, as they flutter and echo intimately with the main vocal. With the later verse accompanied by springing piano sounds, this completes the preparation for the ending crescendo; unifying in a powerful and tasteful symphony. The outro leads through the final moments of elevation and fall, but eventually transitions back to the measured tapping drum beat and sounds of the strings sweeping between bluesy chords.

Cecília Pissarro's, ‘Gentle Kiss’ is a song that blooms and radiates energy from start to finish. Sentimental, authentic and excellently produced, this is a track to sing loudly to, cry to and to add to that playlist.

Cecília Pissarro

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Written by: Brooke