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New Music: Cotton House // Don't Let It Get You Down

After much anticipation, Cotton House have come out of the woodwork bearing an infectiously groovy and uplifting debut, ‘Don’t Let It Get You Down’.

Cotton House is the brainchild of four songwriters from diverse musical backgrounds and a plethora of talented musicians. It’s a tall order to take so many different ideas and creative directions and put them into a cohesive piece of music. It’s safe to say they struck gold on the common ground they found. In a world of genre mashups and fusion, the song manages to tiptoe the line between nostalgic and refreshing on exhausted ears.

A very dry and crisp drum machine-style beat coupled with a groove-heavy bass line ladened with fuzz provides a fresh take on a classic hip-hop style loop. Much like in the hip-hop this song takes inspiration from, the groove stays on a steady path, only occasionally dropping out to serve the story being told in the song. A silky smooth slide guitar line glides over the choruses, adding a refreshing contrasting flavour to the rest of the instruments around it. The vocals are delivered in a fast and punchy feel, it feels like rap yet there is something about it that feels ultimately different. With this unique style of delivery, the track tackles heavy topics such as the state of the world, mistakes and regrets and the existential fears that feel commonplace in this day and age. Instead of dwelling on these sobering themes, Cotton House invites you to look on the bright side. In this instance, carpe diem is swapped out for “You’ve only got this vessel once” which feels far more relatable. ‘Don’t Let It Get You Down’ is a good a cure for the blues as you could hope for. A stunningly good debut that will have you impatiently waiting for the follow-up. If you want to “spice up your life", and "kick it in gear”, as they put it. This is a good place to start.

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Written by: Lawrie