• Emma


Setting the scene; heavy, electric, thumping sounds, perforating the edges, forcing you into the darkened and sped-up crevice of their take on the genre. Drums and guitars, fast-paced and frantic, introducing the listener to their innovative sound. Constant, in the background, the forceful rhythm, leaving one no other option than to focus on it, scrutinised heavily. Peppered with the interesting twist of emo-punk intonation, CUTTING TIES show their inherent capability of combining genres to create an electrified track that cries out for attention.

The track performs a sensation of nostalgia, seeming so befitting for a darkened stage, littered with dashing lights and sound bouncing from the walls. Their perfected hard-style beat demands and delivers, acting as a staging device and transcending you from the realm and calm of your bedroom. You want to be at that gig, the track empowers you to think, reminiscing in the feeling of intensity and fun that the track beholds, of bodies moving and of the high-pitch of the punk tone of the lead vocals.

A mix of perfected nostalgia allows CUTTING TIES to continue their tradition of an amalgamated genre; the romantic desperation of the lyrics allowing both their ‘emo’ and emotive inclinations to present themselves as sharply defined, while also performing a ‘punky’ irritation, angry at something, conforming the two ideas to create the fast and loud sound that has become second-nature. What remains poignant is their ability to create this contrast, and to sustain it: cleverly-layered and interspersed.

New music during this time is so important! And CUTTING TIES don’t disappoint, if you are one who misses the gig-life and desires a shred of that feeling in your own home. “The only emo punk band that isn’t emo or punk”, perfectly summed-up, and backed by this new track; they keep it fresh and interesting, maintaining their own take and perspective on their variety of influences. Go and give them a listen, IMD is out May 29th.


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Written by: Emma http://bit.ly/somrmaughm