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New Music: CUTTING TIES // Romance With a Russian Woman

CUTTING TIES encapsulate their creative and collectively-innovative take upon the post-hardcore genre, featuring the necessarily fast tempo and the perfect heavy bass levels, with their new song ‘Romance With a Russian Woman’. The harsh and loud volume of their guitars hits you instantaneously—all at once, reeling you in—with a complex and dynamic tempo that promises a perfect concoction of the ingredients necessary for the duration of sounds to flow naturally.

The combination of genres of both emo and punk resonate throughout the entanglement of the intonation of the lead vocals and the matching pitch and rhythm of the guitar and drums; the manic shouting eloquently depicts the raw emotive connotations that the song beholds, conveying their ability to creatively construct tension. It hovers and intertwines above and between the lyrics and fast-paced action, suggestive of their clever and frenetic burst of energy. The perfectly-attuned punk intonation matches brilliantly with the contrast to the sharp, emo-esque lyricism.

A turn occurs in the song, where the beating of the drums and strumming of guitars softens into more of a soft twang of guitar strings, showcasing this astute element of creativity. The guttural characterisation of the vocals similarly is alleviated, where the tension builds and drops, portraying their hardcore style in the most effective way. The word “Romance!” is screamed and yelled, again conveying their capability to mark the song with both soft and harsh sounds, creating this juxtaposition.

While maintaining the spark and vivacity of the 70s-punk bands, CUTTING TIES show how the genre can be twisted and turning into something fresh and exhilarating; perfected for the energy of a darkened room full of people, their sound reverberating off the walls. The intensity is what marks the song and makes it bang; draws you in, loud and in recognition. They’re a band to look out for.

Romance With a Russian Woman can be found on all streaming sites from February 28th, and you can next catch them live at the Hope and Ruin in Brighton on the 5th of March. Event link here.


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