• Enya Williams


Drag, in its many forms, has brought people together for decades, but unfortunately lockdown has resulted in a shortage of opportunities for drag artists to perform. What better solution than to bring the drag show right to your bedroom? Self-care has been elevated; so grab a facemask and a glass of wine because now drag comes to you, complete with werewolves, Bake-Off and a healthy sprinkling of musical theatre.

Devotedly organized and produced by Corn Roberts [@cornroberts] and edited by Georgie McBurnie [@junipr_musik], DYSPHORIA IS A DRAG has been a labour of love for everyone involved. The event, organised as a fundraiser for Corn’s gender affirming surgery, boasted a line up of sixteen drag performers from up and down the UK - all diverse in their performance style, art and aesthetic. From Elizabeth Crawford’s flawless, femme fatale Taylor Swift energy to Alfie Ordinary’s incredible lip-sync performance of Bob The Drag Queen’s ‘Purse First’ dressed as Tinky Winky, we had it all right from the comfort of our beds and sofas.

It’s exciting to be on the precipice of a new movement in consuming and distributing content, especially content that’s so steeped in culture, creativity and community. Truly the most heartwarming factor of the entire show is the impression of comradery throughout. All of the drag performers volunteered their work and time for a cause and a friend, and their creativity knows no bounds. Lockdown life has changed the way we consume content, and opportunities to perform drag shows are thinner on the ground by the day, but all sixteen performers came up with ingenuitive ways to perform their art from inside their own houses with nothing but a camera and a killer wardrobe. Prince of Persia preached us self-love and fat-acceptance, Alik shot their lipsync of Lady Gaga’s 911 in the dark, Scarlett Fever treat us to a performance of time-warp where every character is played by her, and nailed it. Frankly, When Fran Sparklypants kicked off the show in an 80s femme masc look (honourable mention to Fran Sparklypants’ cat), it was clear this line-up had struck gold.

Scarlett Fever isn’t the only who graced us with the gays of musical theatre either! Chub Rub and Lydia L’Scabies also refreshed us with musical theatre realness, oh and a sexy mouse. Otherwise, among the acts to grace us with parody performances Crusty The Queen’s rendition of Lady GaGa’s ‘Don’t Rain On Me’, retitled ‘Don’t Piss On Me’ was a chat favourite. Meanwhile Daphne’s The Voice live audition skit, where she does nothing but vocalise the Austin Powers theme tune intercut with shots of the crowd going mental was a personal favourite. Rococo Chanel’s ‘Spook Up Your Life’ is self explanatory and hilarious, but the highlight of the night has to be Tayris Monagrdi’s iconic “What a sad little life Jane” moment.

Whether it’s Twinkerbell repping for the emo’s or Dick Day living for Little Mix, Alistair’s weirdly sexy werewolf drag or Prinx Silver answering a banana in the bathtub. Drag is such an incredibly innovative and diverse art form; a fact proven by all sixteen performers tonight. So maybe next time you’re in between seasons of drag race craving that drag hit look in on some local acts, let them take you on a ride.

If any of the performers here piqued your interest, check out the list of socials below. If you would like to discover Corn’s story and donate to his cause follow the link here.

In Running order:

Corn Roberts [host]: @cornroberts

Fran Sparklypants: @fransparklypants

Dick Day: @dickdaydraghag

Prince of Persia: @princeofp3rsia

Alistair: @alistairgoth

Twinkerbell: @twinkerbell_drag

Scarlett Fever: @scarlettfeverdrag

Elizabeth Crawford: @theelizabethcrawford

Rococo Chanel: @rococo_chanel

Alik: @alik.queen

Crusty the Queen: @crustythequeen

Daphne: @heydaph

Prinx Silver: @prinxsilver

Taryis Mongardi: @tayrismongardi

Chub Rub: @chubrrrub

Alfie Ordinary: @alfieordinary

Lydia L’Scabies: @lydialscabies

Georgie McBurnie [editor]: @junipr_musik

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Written by: Enya