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DSP Presents: False Eyed Dolls, Snayx and Mozkito at The Hope and Ruin, BN1 (27 Aug 2021)

It’s safe to say that this was a triumphant debut for False Eyed Dolls, one of the latest and most exciting rock outfits to join Brighton’s quickly reviving rock scene. With the help of two fantastic support acts, the duo created an electric atmosphere inside the beloved Brighton venue.


Another band made their debut at The Hope. Kicking off the evening, the band grabbed the crowds attention with a slow, atmospheric and tense opening number. But as the guitars all ring out and you begin to wonder where they’ll go next, that is when Mozkito truly unleashed the beast.

Once off the leash, it was a mix of gritty stoner-rock riffs and high-octane DIY punk. Guttural growled vocals and fuzzed-ladened guitars were worked around tight drums that very quickly had everyone nice and warmed up. Labels like this may create automatic assumptions but don’t think that this band were anything but tight, and with a lot to offer. Certainly ones to keep an eye out for in future shows.


When I say this was the first time seeing SNAYX, I say that with deep shame. This is why everyone should get to the venue for doors, otherwise, you miss absolute treats like this. Brimming with bravado and masterful showmanship, SNAYX are a fuzz-rock rush of adrenaline that give Death From Above 1979 a run for their money. No matter where you were in the crowd, they were in your face, holding you up the scruff of your collar. This is a band that commands attention.

There is something almost timeless about their sound. Their macho and quintessentially British blend of a plethora of rock and pop sounds had the crowd dancing, moshing, jumping and chanting from the very moment they stepped onto the stage and glared into every member of the captivated audience.

False Eyed Dolls

Having established names for themselves in the local scene through various projects, everyone in the crowd was equal parts curious and excited to see what the latest project for this duo would bring to the stage. It is safe to say that everyone’s expectations were exceeded.

Opening with their crowd-pleasing singles, Don’t Love Me, Let’s Talk and Everything I Need, False Eyed Dolls’ delivered an exciting headline set of rock bangers both old and new. All of these full of grit, groove and hooks from the get-go. Many might naturally have thought the stage seemed a little empty, being only the two of them. However, the duo erased all doubts with an expertly crafted sound and electric performance.

Frontman Ed, accompanied by a guitar and a multitude of effects pedals, supplied catchy riffs reminiscent of festival headlining rock giants Royal Blood and Queens of the Stone Age. The other half of this duo is drum powerhouse, Jed. With a mixture of precision tightness and fervent rock energy, Jed supplied the groove and pace that are a must with this sort of sound.

False Eyed Dolls delivered an all-in-all stellar performance. Both of them played to their individual strengths but still worked in unison like a well-oiled machine. It will be exciting to see where the future will take them.

An Interview with False Eyed Dolls:

I sat with Ed and Jed fresh from their soundcheck to get the answers to all things False Eyed Dolls.

Give us a sentence to sum up False Eyed Dolls to someone who’s never heard of you before.

“The kind of riffs you can show your nan.”

“One of us looks a bit weird, try and guess who.”

What is your favourite venue to play?

“The Bodega in Nottingham. It’s my favourite venue I’ve played at. I’ve seen loads of bands play there and it was really great to play there. We’re playing there again soon on the 11th of September!”

“I did it through uni so I don’t know if that counts, boo, but Concorde 2 probably. It made me feel the most successful I’ve ever been.”

So what are your thoughts on Brighton’s local music scene and would you consider yourselves part of it?

“I think it’s really cool. It’s got a little bit for everyone, you just have to look in the right places.”

“I don’t think we consider ourselves part of the scene as of today, we haven’t learnt our stripes yet! Hopefully after tonight. I guess we’ll find out!”

What three fresh artists should we be checking out right now?

“There’s a band called Peace in Protest that are pretty good, you should check them out. Another band called Gnarlah, should check them out. And Jack Howard, to make it eclectic!”

What does the rest of the year entail for False Eyed Dolls and are you excited?

“We’re just going to be focusing on shows, and then getting back in the studio when September is out of the way. But I think we’re just trying to establish a name for ourselves seeing as it’s a new project. Once that’s over and we’ve done a few more gigs and got out of Brighton and maybe done a little tour. Then we’ll be in the studio again recording and hopefully have something out by the end of the year which will be exciting.”

Any final words?

“Don’t drink and drive.”

“Stay in school. Nah, don’t stay in school. Do music instead.”

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Written by: Lawrie