• Emma

FEET at Paradiso, Amsterdam (3 Dec 2019)

The small room in Paradiso—close, intimate and dimly-lit—provides a sense of intimacy and intricacy to the performance, allowing for attention to detail. Making the show more intriguing, the sound reverberating around the room, bouncing off the walls, creating a boundary around the dispersed and wild crowd.

FEET, a band that most certainly have created an original, loud and classic sound for themselves, were highly-anticipated, entering the heightened platform with a nonchalance that is very relatable and characteristic of their image, amidst an array of deepened and darkened lights; red and green and blue, highlighting their stage presence. Slight mumbling in intervals, pitching everything right, thick, English accents adding a charm to the narrative, for the largely international audience.

Commencing with ‘English Weather’, the up-beat, jovial song sets the mood for the fluid and perfected performance; easy-going indie that has a darker twist in certain areas, making for an engaging act for the ardent viewers in the crowd. Indiscernible but penetrative, guitar noises and sounds encompass the condensed, dimmed space, as each song flows smoothly and effortlessly, promoting their true showmanship. With the pitch and tempo elucidating in cohesion, ‘Petty Thieving’—arguably their most punching and brilliant live sound—filled the room with an energy that is exhilarating and tangible; created chaos from the crowd’s part.

“You’d better pack an umbrella!”

George’s vocals are defined and perfect for the accompanying music, harsh and gentle in the right places, the lyrics rough but contrastingly pleasant, with intelligent and intriguing anecdotes and tones. Callum’s backing vocals in ‘Chalet 47’ make for an uplifted image of their eclectic sound, suggesting that they can successfully do intense and gritty garage-rock, while also mellowing out into a more romantic and relaxed aura.

‘What’s Inside is More Than Just Ham’, was showcased brilliantly by the band, and their down-to-earth and clever collaboration of sound proved that they truly are ingenious live. Arguably the cleanest performances I’ve seen in Paradiso, FEET flourished with confidence and amped-up their game significantly. Applause all around. FEET left the audience aghast with ardent desire for more.


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Written by: Emma