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New Music: Gaffa Tape Sandy // So Dry

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Check out Gaffa Tape Sandy’s new, fresh and upbeat indie track which is reminiscent of their classic indie and garage-rock sound, full of pinging guitar riffs against the angst-filled tones of their harsh and powerful intone. This single release depicts something that doesn’t stray too far from their original sound—while also maintaining a new style that is somewhat more light and cheerful; fun to listen to.

The introduction to the song is consumed by a nice contrast of light guitar sounds, which then fall into a heavier juxtaposition of more guttural noise, reflective of the nature of the lyrics depicting the struggle of showing feelings of youthful fancy, while simultaneously maintaining a façade of disinterest and ambiguousness. This rocky, indie-sounding contrast marks the classic Brighton-flare of their songs. The chorus ‘So dry!’ is nicely punctuated by the shriller, female accompaniment, placing emphasis on the connotations of the self-titled release; of the idea that we societally form a layer of artificial disinterest towards one another, to look cool and unapproachable. Gaffa encompass this by toying with the darker, destructive lyrics against the light, cheery and heart-filled emotion emanating from the words being so rawly sung and conveyed.

“No way of telling if I even like you”, he sings, with an angsty intonation that portrays the youthful idea of chasing after somebody; playing hard-to-get in an expected fashion. A typical idea that most young people are familiar with—so, it’s easy…something that everyone can sing along to! It’s cool to act as though everything is boring and cliché, right?

So Dry is the new single from Family Mammal. Go give it a listen if you’re into that typical, fun and bright, Brighton sound—and be sure to check out the rest of the EP!

Gaffa Tape Sandy

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Written by Emma.