• Enya Williams

New Music: Georgie Femme // ((Yo Yo Yo) You're So So) Sweet To Me)

Prepare yourself for the catchiest earworm since possibly ever with Georgie Femme’s stunning debut. “((Yo Yo Yo) You’re So So) Sweet To Me” begins on a smooth tone: for just a moment it’s unsure sure what kind of journey this track will take you on, before it cements itself firmly in that sweet-spot between easy listening and dynamic creativity (the funky, dancey kind). It ramps everything up a little with each passing verse, the tune and lyrics are simple and catchy enough to grab attention; and the rest is history.

Frontwoman Georgie’s impressive vocal range forges the way for diversity in the melody. The whole song is peppered with harmonies and tongue clicks like Easter eggs. The bright guitar and groovy back-beat make the perfect soundtrack for your summer barbecue and wine evening. Or your commute to work. Your in-shower concerts or maybe even your journey to the cinema to watch Infinity War. Whatever you’re doing this coming week, we can assure you this is the easy-listening pop groove you didn’t know you needed to brighten up all the dull parts of your life. Washing the dishes will never be the same.

Georgie Femme’s “((Yo Yo Yo) You're So So) Sweet To Me” is available on all your favourite streaming platforms now - and if you find yourself with a couple quid spare - head over to The Bee’s Mouth on Saturday 27th to watch the four of them debut the live single along with Luan Mai and Easy Time. Doors at 8pm. We’ll see you there!

Georgie Femme

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Instagram: @georgiefemme

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/6s75i4c19wIAjfC6Gtzmt1

Debut Launch: www.facebook.com/events/2182757998701486/

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