• Emma

New Music: Gnarlah // Fix Me

It’s wild and heavy! Gnarlah’s new track is fast-paced and loaded with a dark promise of an uplifting experience; the deep, dense and intentionally dilapidated vocals harshly and perfectly grate against your ears, transcending you into an other-worldly dimension, one that is littered with surpassed expectations. Here is ‘Fix Me’, a track you’re definitely going to want to turn the volume up on.

Dark and drowned, the guitars and drums clash and grind against one another, optimising the up-and-down of the constructed and pulverized tension, sending intense vibrations all around, enwrapping and absorbing the song with a heavy rhythm. In the moments where the guttural singing is paused, the guitars create a formation within the silence of voice, pervading the taut atmosphere. Ears strained, one cannot help but desire more; the track combines every rocky, metal element and aspect of it flawlessly.

The name Gnarlah — metallic and poignant — already matches effortlessly with their dense and rugged musical notions, with the title of the track procuring references of teeth gnashing and of vicious behaviour. Guitar riffs and chords bounce off the walls, blurring the lines, creating something strained, anxious and exhilarating. The ensuing conjuring of violent but controlled connotations is what makes the song so exciting and encapsulating; it’s what adds a fresh wave of nuance and tempo to the track, accompanied by the perfect harshness and grit of the lead vocal: transcending.

“Why won’t you fix me? Why won’t you break me down?”—the track stipulates, punctuating and puncturing the boundary of sound, perforating the edges and marking the exemplary lines of the chorus, and bringing forth the angst-ridden tones that prevail throughout. The harsh and demanding symbolism of self-destruction makes the song that much more tangible; Gnarlah offer a track that requires your attention. Be sure to check it out.

Tickets for their next Brighton headline on February 19th available here


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Written by: Emma