• Emma

New Music: GURF // An Hero

An other-worldly, electronically-wired beat reels you in instantly: you can hear the vibrations from either side—from all around—the track almost tangibly pulsating, thudding up and down. Breaking down the walls with a charged impulse that doesn’t allow for any room other than for the trepidatious nature of the unstable and erratic rhythm to be felt. Jerking backwards and forwards, one is plunged beneath the expectations of the track, submerged fully within one’s inability to predict.

Dark and heavy, but the song pushes forward with an air of nonchalance that is contrasted by the fast beat, the pace forcing the listener into a vortex of the unknown. Ebbs and flows, as GURF achieve an imbalanced equilibrium, in which the difference between softer and harder is indefinable. And then, every now and then, the track is struck with a staccato of electric energy, the dense metal resound wobbling with a voltaic strum.

GURF are showcasing something exciting and different. Their interesting take on an amalgamation of genres creates a track that is both powerful and perpetuating. The electronic, metallic sounds accentuate the teeming and palpable metallic riffs that push and pull against the created space. It's hard to define the track into any one categorisation, because the instrumental song provides a plethora of juxtapositions and indefinable traits: what makes it so desirable and exhilarating.

The encompassed intensity of the extended track envelops itself within loopholes and surprises. You won’t be disappointed. Be sure to give it a listen, and check out their other track—‘Lethal Hot Beef Injection’—available on a variety of platforms.


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Written by: Emma http://bit.ly/somrmaughm