• Enya Williams

New Music: GURF // Lethal Hot Beef Injection

Back and better than ever, GURF are finally releasing their long-awaited debut single… Lethal Hot Beef Injection. Dropping March 4th, this new single is quintessentially what we’ve come to expect from these three lads: thewy bass and screeching riffs, and a predisposition for ensuring their listener is as on edge as possible. We were excited here at Dusty, to get a sneak preview before their single release show next month.

Those loyal fans who have been tracking GURF’s rise to notoriety within the Brighton music scene will recognise their new release as a fan favourite. Their wizardry with pedals and mastery for penning a journey with building tensions and satiating pay-offs make for an encapsulating soundscape.

Aggressive and untamed, GURF are forever finding newer, crazier ways to create music to get lost in and Lethal Hot Beef injection is no exception. It is, in essence, a sonic interpretation of what moshing in a tiny, sweaty underground venue feels like. The song itself is unsettling and dynamic, never staying in one place too long before it plunges you again into an unexpected pit of pure noise.

Lethal Hot Beef Injection will be available to listen to on all your favourite streaming platforms, by March 4th. If you’re looking for something extra spicy, come join us and the boys at the Green Door Store for the single release; all the benefits of listening to the song on Spotify, but live, with alcohol and considerably more bare skin.


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Written by: Enya