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New Music: Hotel Lux // Tabloid Newspaper

Hotel Lux are back with their new release ‘Tabloid Newspaper’, a track that encapsulates a nostalgic essence of your favourite Mod band and brings an a la mode’ twist to the Post-Punk genre. Hotel Lux echo influences from old school 70s Punk and the Brit-Pop wave of the 90s with their timeless melodies and guitar sounds. ‘Tabloid Newspaper’ is conceptually clever with its sharp-witted frankness on the truth about song-writing and fills a musical void you didn’t know you had. This tune will have you mimicking its catchy hook in no time, leaving you anticipating their upcoming EP, ‘Barstool Preaching’ to be released in 2020.

The track begins with the break of a spiraling and lazy sounding guitar riff before merging into a choppy up-beat strumming pattern, giving the song an immediate cheeky persona. The mingling guitar melodies and the steady drum beat executes the ‘line between style and substance’ perfectly, creating an ever so suave sound. The bass carries a fixed rhythm throughout, giving the track a sensibility within the varied sounds of sporadic guitar riffs and accentuating bursts of the drum. From the get-go, this track will have you bouncing to its sophisticated, but playful expressions.

Lead singer, Lewis Duffin provides the punk attitude with his blunt but charming lyrical phrases. Duffin’s voice is evocative of The Fall’s Mark Smith, although Duffin packing more of a punch in his conversational singing style. The boldness of the British dialect and witty phrasing creates a real character to the track and one that adds to the Mod ethos of Hotel Lux. Staying loyal to their timely and socially engaged concepts, this track cleverly admits the dishonesty of song-writing, and the occasional fabrication of a story or lyrical anecdote- likening it to the twisted tales of the tabloids. The mocking drags of Duffin’s vocals and the teasing manner of the lyrics provides an undoing of the sugar-coated, giving the track a unique sentiment and refreshing humour.

If there is one thing you should do before the New Year, it is to walk to the beat of this excellently cultivated track and patiently await their upcoming EP in 2020!

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Written by: Brooke