• Emma

New Music: ISLA // Don't Love Me

A track that plunges you into the deep-end of the insanity and intensity of a hard, passionate and wonderfully rocky sound. No time to think—for breathing space, or for a sense of composure—as ISLA’s new and perfected single forces attention onto their intermingling of brooding indie with a quickened and breathless pace of alternative angst. The lead vocals are punching and melodic, demanding to be heard, as the song thrusts into an even heavier interjection, proof of the band’s brilliant and organic intermingling of influences.

Atmospheric and punctuating guitar grabs and punches, creating an environment of formidability, where a tingling, electric energy underpins the rhythmic and soulful beat of the drums, forcing its way in; a static, staccato density of weight, convoluting a preconceived calm. Hardly time to catch your breath, before the guitar strings cascade into the heaviness of the possessive vocals. The fresh and exciting undulation of opposing forces in the track cannot help but bring to the forefront of one’s mind the passionate environment of an electrifying gig, where the walls pulse and the crowds pack together; ignites a sense of nostalgia.

Perfected oppositions, as the heaviness is contrasted and accentuated by the dramatic pauses, in the bridge, accumulated within the empty gap. A split-second of silence, before the listener is plunged into the chorus one final time, consummating the hard-rock denouement of the song. The lyrics are directed to you, tense and angst-ridden, riding the wave of the guttural guitar strings.

ISLA have produced a magnificently powerful track, amid their rebranding, and among a progression of their own original take on the alternative-rock genre. Bringing in and building up a variety of influences, ‘Don't Love Me’ possesses an electrified edge that stabs at a nostalgia of the power of live performance. Makes you think of the ‘if only…’. Be absolutely sure to give it a listen.


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Written by: Emma http://bit.ly/somrmaughm