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New Music: IVI // Roses in My Mouth

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

To accompany the progressively more chilled atmosphere of the autumnal months, IVI’s new and introductory track creates a mellow backdrop of calm and reflection, perfect for an evening of relaxation and pensiveness. ‘Roses in My Mouth’ easily alludes to melancholic and heartfelt thoughts and feelings; accompanied selectively by the sweet tones of the gentle but resonating vocals.

“You’re putting roses in my mouth”, seems to symbolise the difficult silence that she describes, emphasised through the soft and drawn-out essence of her lyrics and phrases—a silence that encapsulates the listener alongside the easy and imperceptible beat of the subdued melody. The roses that she sings of appear resonant of the unspoken words that so easily go amiss between a coupled interaction; easily disguised by the heat of the moment or by the intensity of emotion. Matched with the scarlet imagery of flowers and bed-sheets in her video, her velvety voice conveys the significance of this with an original twist on the soft-pop, synth sound.

With the strong and prominent symbolism and imagery of a deepened and complicated romance, the song allows you to think of love in the coming—perhaps darker—months. Roses also have an assimilation with healing properties, and IVI’s calming tones and smooth, melodic lyrics can perhaps allow for this personal transformation. Be sure to check out her new song and video!


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Written by: Emma