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New Music: Jacob D. Edward // Tempest

Reclining slowly against the emptied room, amid the snowy backdrop of a wintery, frozen Amsterdam, the city enveloped in a serene curtain of icy white, one cannot help but notice the way the smoke from inside ebbs in time to the sound of Jack’s gentle yet rasping voice. Perfected against the bleak atmosphere of the external world; a ‘sultry sound’ and backing tune to these contemplative and discomposed times. Harmonising with the sounds circulating around the room.

Jacob D. Edward’s style is contrasting and intriguing. In his new song ‘Tempest’, he sings of an emotionality that is complex and meditated over, while overlapping these themes with almost a reach for optimism, that strums in-time to the vibration of his guitar strings. An intimate sensation of being and feeling is created, where the despondent beginning is overpowered by the burst of powerful and deep vocals in the chorus. Jack sings of the juxtaposition of the slumbering night transmitting to the “raging storm”; where the darkness of the unconscious masks the complexities of the morning light.

Through careful articulation and soothing tones, the vocals of Jack’s new single are intermingled beautifully to create a romantic and melancholic piece. He seamlessly and effortlessly achieves a sense of ease with his song and his singing; comes naturally to his own sense of artistry. Makes one think of the times where an unpleasant sensation can be harnessed and transformed into something tangible and resolved. A fulfilling and wonderful track.

‘Tempest’ reminds one of the precariousness of one’s own situation, and at the same time, Jack sings of a feeling to cling to; that a serenity and a calm can be found. Definitely worth a good listen. Be sure to tune in to his new song and to check out his other published music.

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