• Emma

New Music: Jessica Stretton // Behind The Moon

Electro, dark-pop infused new song by Jessica Stretton presents a deepened, atmospheric backdrop necessary for the early and the coming winter months. Dark and emotive, the song elucidates a sense of calm and tranquility, laced with a slight tension that provides intrigue and interest for the song.

The beautifully fragmented album art accompanies the general mood of the whole song; blackened background, with an array of softer and brighter colours raining down from the corner, shedding light onto those shadowed encounters. This contrast is conveyed poignantly through the notion of the sun behind the moon; of an escape—a light at the end of the tunnel—that is more tangible than one would perhaps perceive. Imagery of window-sill-sitting gives a pleasant air that transcends one into a more peaceful mentality.

Repetition of “Would you come with me?”,prior to the chorus, suggests a shared and collective atmosphere of melancholy and reflection. The vocals, distorted to serve their delicate purpose, add an other-worldly quality to the distant and assuaged melody, rasping against the ear, grainy and warped, to convey an entangled emotion of depth and contemplation. Could even be portrayed as a sense of removal from the current time and space.

With a liberating notion associated to the sky—expansive and endless—Jess’s new song showcases a beauty that transcends the everyday. Definitely worth a good listen.

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Written by: Emma