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New Music: Kim Jarvis // Satellites

Taking a step away from the fast-paced rocky, alternative sounds of the successful Gaffa Tape Sandy, Jarvis explores a softer yet simultaneously nuanced route towards an intriguing solo path. “Satellite’s” exhales a breath of fun and something new and different to his band’s typical sound. His leading role appears to fully saturate the new track, displaying his developed lyrical abilities external to his role as part of a Brighton based rock trio.

The vocals exude a casual air, reminiscent to that of walking home along the street, headphones pressed to your ears and head bowed, as one observes the outside world with a lens of repose and contemplation. You’re listening and thinking, replaying the thoughts and feelings of the day as you walk to the steady beat of the thumping, yet softened, sounds of the drums. Tied together with the rhyming couplet of street lights and satellites, it feels as though one is commemorating the night with a message transcending space: a sense of reflection.

‘Satellites’ exhibits a variety of tunes and sounds, dipping in and out of another, representing both a steadiness and an imbalanced groove. Accentuated by the contrast between the soft rhythm of the verses and then the heavier beat of the bursting chorus, suggesting the comparison between the classic, rock sound and also something more modern and refreshing. A perfect equilibrium.

Make sure to keep an ear out for Kim Jarvis’ fresh and new sound; it’s something different, and something that most certainly intrigues interest. Go and give it a listen.

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