• Enya Williams

New Music: LIME // Surf N Turf

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Your new favourite band has just rolled up out of the studio packing wit and margaritas, it’s LIME. 2019 saw these four gigging like there was no tomorrow, the Soundcloud release of their unofficial debut single welcome to the new world order, not to mention endless time in the studio to deliver us the finished product: LIME. 2020 has delivered us a fresh, juicy new single to gnaw into.

Surf N Turf, available to stream this February, sounds like how a clean face feels. Rejuvenating, bracing, brazen; LIME sounds like The Beatles went to the beach with MacDemarco and threw a dance party. The tune starts off like surf rock on LSD, sounds like a sex on the beach tastes, and gets things rolling on possibly one of our favourite opening lyrics ever to come out of the past decade: “I’m sorry, I ate some cheese”.

They frequently infuse zesty, modern modulating synth with comfortable classic rock ‘n’ roll guitar parts and particular flare for melodic dynamic, discordant and yet still familiar, we can’t wait to hear what comes out of these four next!

Head down to the release show on February 20th at The Rossi Bar. Or check them out at Fat Tuesday Festival in Hastings on February 23rd.

Stream Surf N Turf from February 21st


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'Surf N Turf' pre-save link

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Written by: Enya