• Enya Williams

New Music: Lock 'N' Throw // Estranged

Did your significant other just break up with you? Someone you thought was a close friend stab you in the back? Is life just really kicking your butt right now? Well in that case, Lock ‘N’ Throw have unveiled Estranged. If something's getting you down, this track is the figurative and literal release you need right now.

Lock 'N' Throw

The short and sweet 3-minute track is the angst anthem 2019 did not need, nor deserve. Nevertheless, Lock ‘N’ Throw have graced us with all things pop-punk and beautiful.

The track begins fading in. A ruthless guitar riff just out in the foreground. Laid, albeit a little haphazardly, over Lara Simpson’s satisfyingly standard pop-punk vocals. Simpson manifests a flair for balancing aggressive resentment and a bored, could-care-less attitude.

Lock 'N' Throw

Estranged is only Lock 'N' Throw's second single. It follows the release of their debut Bedbound in late June of last year. On the whole, Estranged comes across as a less technically dynamic single that their 2018 release; the production quality leaves some to be desired. However, their performance is wholly more red-blooded and animated. Whatever this song lacks in polyphony and production, it makes up for (and then some) in posture and attitude. It's always exciting to hear the sonic evolution of a new band as they settle into and discover their own unique dynamic. We here at Dusty look forward to hearing where Lock N' Throw go from here.

Lock 'N' Throw

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