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New Music: Maida Vorn // Face Like Thunder (EP)

‘Face Like Thunder’ perfectly consolidates Maida Vorn’s eclectic and intriguing interpretation of pop-music. The EP displays her perfected ability to vary and intersperse different genres, her sultry and dark vocals accompanying each track with ease and poise. One garners a sort of other-worldly experience from the dark synth-pop vibes, accentuating the intricacies of the transcendental tones of her seductive and enigmatic vocal abilities. The collection of songs surprise you, the tracks escorted with interesting turns and dips in between fun tones of pop and a darker form of expressionism.

‘River’ sets the dark and dramatic tone that is reminiscent of her purposeful sound. Her mystical lyricism personifies the water, characterising it as a powerful, domineering force; comparing it to the fragility of her own body, the water acting as an all-consuming entity. Beautiful lyrics are emphasised by the power of her voice, the static sounds in the background propelling her vocal presence to the forefront. The track really signifies an empowering motif that punctuates the introduction of the EP poignantly, marking its magnetism from the first word. The second track transcends the listener into a setting of outer-space, the extraterrestrial synth succeeding the dramatics of the previous song, leading into some softer vocals from Maida Vorn. A slightly more delicate side, the song sings of a gentle and yearning romance, in search for a perfected ideal. The bridge dips into a confession of love, her voice carrying the story beyond the realm of the song. What appears apparent from her new tracks is her overbearing ability to conduct herself through every wave of difference, showcasing her ability to convey versatility.

Continuing on from this—and, again, proving her adaptability—‘Automatic’ shows a funkier side to Maida Vorn, the drums and the backing beat probing a fun dance-track, comparing to her more dramatic extent. However, the final track perhaps amalgamates the entire mini-album, with the rich, deepened tone of her declarations serving a diction that pierces through the atmosphere, matching the rhythm of the spacey backdrop. A perfect end. Definitely worth a listen; full of twists and turns, ups and downs, and overall, a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

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