• Enya Williams

New Music: Maida Vorn // River

Allow Maida Vorn to transport you elsewhere. Let her sound engulf you in a soft inky darkness as her heavy, sultry vocals hit you like bright lights and fireworks from all sides - like city lights in the gloom. Debut track River isn’t a song, it’s an experience.

If as a teenager you were big on Lana Del Rey, or Marina and the Diamonds, and since have tried to leave those bleach-blonde Electra Heart days behind you, River will reawaken the emo wallflower inside you long thought had died. Sophisticated, supersonic vocal power carries the track through well conceptualized dynamic shifts and fiercely elegant lyrics.

Maida Vorn dreams up modern twists to a well loved pop formulas. It doesn’t show off, it isn’t flashy. It’s not a hive of complex polyrhythms or obscure scales. Instead, it provides a full, visual experience - creating a cityscape of undulating synth and powerful, emotionally driven melody.

The brains behind Maida Vorn describes her as an alter ego, citing her previous project Pollon to be an important stepping stone in actualizing Maida Vorn’s creative and aesthetic direction:

“In terms of development I would say that I've always been a bit of a witchy so and so. With my previous band being such a whirlpool of experimentation there was lots of room to play around with ghoulish theatrics and such... I quickly found that dark and punchy suited me to the ground and went from there to create the alter-ego Maida Vorn. She's been about a year and a half in the making, and I only named her and 'came out' in April last year. I'm still getting to know her in all honesty however this single and the EP that will follow is a glimpse of the direction Maida Vorn is taking.”

Maida Vorn has hit the ground running. She’s been working hard behind the scenes recording her first EP, filming a music video, promoting her upcoming single release on March 14th, not to mention the rumours of another single release later this month?

But if you, like us, can’t wait to see her in action River is available on YouTube and all streaming platforms right now for your listening pleasure.

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Written by: Enya