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New Music: Megzz // Tell Me Why

Updated: Jan 11

Megzz new release ‘Tell Me Why’ is nothing short of a power-move track, where unapologetic emotion comes to the fore. Fusing together slick jazz influences with hip-hop synths, angsty beats and a powerful R&B vocal; ‘Tell Me Why’ is a track with an authentic and vibrant soul. Megzz’s sound has been further established with this release not only instrumentally but lyrically, adding to the sincerity of the artists own experiences you can find in her songs.

The track opens with a jazzy guitar lick that asserts steady and blunted expressions before climbing a quickly pattered scale. The guitar provides notes which finely spark and arrange momentary breaks, creating a silent beat by itself. Thoughtful and versatile, the reverberations of the strings, echo and levitate in the air; grasping your attention into the rhythm of the track. The vocal is slow and intentional with every word, proving this is a song to be truly felt. Backing vocalists intertwine harmonies throughout moments in the track, illuminating lyrical sentiments and evoking a fiery and immersive reflection. Entering the chorus, the guitar loosens to almost a synth sound, along with the measured bass and snares which grind and sink, bringing together a unified inflection that stimulates the vocal into a heightened drive. The repetition of ‘tell me why’ magnifies and communicates the feelings of frustration of the unanswered questions ending relationships can bring. Why did they walk away? Why did you always call first? Although conceptually vulnerable, the R&B instrumentals and raw accentuations delivered through the vocal leaves you geared up and empowered.

‘Tell Me Why’ is a track that is true to the vulnerability of ending relationships yet offers a propensity to heal from it. That is why this track is powerful in a different way; Megzz communicates the ability to grow from experiencing heartbreak. This new release reaches out to anyone who loves a classic R&B sound but is ready to delve into something fresh and entirely compelling!


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Written by: Brooke