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New Music: Minor Key Comedy // The Meteor (EP)

Minor Key Comedy have released their debut EP ‘The Meteor’, which has undoubtedly established their sound within the Modern Rock genre. The four-piece based in Chester, bring together the early sounds of The Black Keys and Kaleo by balancing their angsty rock tracks, with romantic melodies which frame the slower ballad, ‘Adeline’. Showing diversity and imagination, The Meteor captures the quintessence of Modern Rock music, a truly exciting beginning for MKC.

The Meteor – Imagine this, you’re lost in the rainforest, the echo of exotic birds warns you that something is impending. Eerie distortions and foreign rumbles glaze over the sky. You think it’s doomed…until…the break of electricity strikes the rainforest walls, reverberating a heavily toned riff, and you realise, it’s MKC performing The Meteor…in the rainforest, just for the aesthetic and awesome acoustics. Cool, right?

Capturing the divine attitude of Rock n’ Roll, this tune offers classic elements and simultaneously creates a distinctive character to their sound. The track provides angsty punk instrumentals expressed with quickly paced drums, erratic electric guitar licks and variations of deep bass lines. Lead vocalist, Lyle, stimulates the tracks fiery attitude through his vocal demeanour and is matched by suave and punchy lyricism, ‘Oh, for goodness sake she’s a rattle snake, and faster than the meteor from outta space’. Displaying the bands flair for visionary expression, the play on old-fashioned radio audio and experimenting with dark synths, provoke a realistic, yet other-worldly atmosphere. The Meteor is the next track you should add to your Angsty Rock playlist!

No Guilt, All Pleasure – The second track on the EP, ‘No Guilt, All Pleasure’ holds a title which perfectly describes the buzz of listening to this song. With a hint of Southern rock influence, a memorable guitar lick immediately emanates a punchy tempo. Lyle offers raw lyricism and an effortlessly commanding vocal. Narrating the aggravation of mind games in a relationship, and trying not to care, the lyrics express something relatable, driven within a gritty composition. MKC seamlessly amalgamate punk rock elements and display their knack of communicating the tracks lyrical substance. The compelling and brooding hook leading up to the chorus, is bound to have you chanting along, before bellowing ‘No Guilt, All Pleasure!’

Adeline- Minor Key Comedy show a different side to their sound with ‘Adeline’. Stripped down and allowing the comforting melody of the piano to carry the lyrics, this song executes something more simplistic and effortlessly flows in a romantic arrangement. The piano stimulates a graceful melody throughout, where a delicate electric guitar composition later accompanies, offering a compelling dynamic to the story of Adeline; a girl who has people around her on nights out, where there is too much wine, but at her core, is a bit of a lost soul. Thoughtful and elegant, Adeline showcases an important dynamic to Minor Key Comedy’s future direction.

Minor Key Comedy have created a diverse EP packed with fervour and headbanging instrumentals. Whilst establishing their Modern Rock sound laced with emotive lyricism and attitude, The Meteor provides a prelude for their experimental instincts. Go and stream The Meteor now!

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Written by: Brooke