• Enya Williams

New Music: MOTH // Cloud Nine

After the release of their debut single in November last year, MOTH are back at it again with their latest single, just in time for summer: Cloud Nine.

This current single is a welcomed, upbeat deviation from their mellow debut, but yet again, their attention is all in the details and it shows.

Cloud Nine is satisfying soundscape of catchy call-back motifs and dusky vocals layered over smooth guitar and horns, layered again over a tight, bouncy rhythm section. It’s everything and more you’d expect from from an upcoming indie band. They keep their sound fresh and innovative, while still swearing by the foot-tapping grooves and gang vocals their genre banks on.

MOTH lend themselves to many genres, although Cloud Nine stays firmly in the comfortable indie-pop bed they’ve made for themselves, and take and implement clear influences reggae, hip-hop and and touches of ska. They come across as effervescent and entertaining in a live scenario, and seem to have undertaken the task to remain just enough in their genre for familiarity, yet still provide a skilful amount of vision and talent to step outside their box and grant their audience something bold, refreshing and modern.

If you want to know what this song sounds like, it sounds like cans on the beach in mid August, or you could just check it out Cloud Nine from the 12th April on Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay and all your other favourite streaming platforms.


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