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New Music: Alfie Neale // If My World Falls Apart (EP)

Updated: May 27, 2020

Neale’s new release encapsulates a feeling of repose, peppered with a signature amalgamation of a fusion of jazz sounds and hip-hop beats. Each track envelops a differing sense of emotive quality; summoning his vehemence for artistic creation and passion, sustained by his powerfully-poignant and evocative vocals. The EP, from start to finish, offers a calming, smooth backdrop; perhaps, fitting for those days spent at home, surrounded by four walls, staring at the ceiling, searching for an imaginative and innovative promise.

The introductory track; self-titled: waves of elation and bliss flood the listener’s ears, blue sounds of a calm and serenity that are eventually punctured by the raspy tone of his rich voice, embedding itself within the blurred transcendence of the mellow and subdued background strings. Despite the destructive implication, the conditional sentencing smoothes the intensity, paired with the subdued beat pattering softly and implicitly against the slowed rhythm of the song. ‘If My World Falls Apart’ feels comforting with intention.

Following on, ‘Elevator’ carries a chilled and relaxed atmosphere, with the punching notes again contrasted cleverly with the smoothness of his individual and original voice. The up-and-down movement suggestive of the title is perhaps conveyed and sustained through the contrasting elements of the slowed-soul-sound to the funkier components found in the chorus. The range of his vocals appears to weave in-and-out and intertwine throughout the duration of the EP. ‘Vices’ perhaps exhibits this prominence, acting as a focalisation-point for the five tracks, where Alfie’s overbearing emotionality is presented with a raspiness and tone that has become belonging to him.

‘Alright’ adds spark and colour to the composition, solidifying the interest and intrigue in his modern, artistic fusion of jazz, funk and a soulful form of his take on hip-hop, uplifting the previous hints of solemnity with a strength of passion that exudes from both his voice and synthesis of various sounds. To conclude the chosen songs, he ends with a denouement that consolidates his purpose; further purporting his ability to be both innovative and fresh in a contemporary sense of exploration and, most of all, fun and enjoyment. His songs leave a tinge of enjoyment on the tongue and the mind, brightening the duller days among us.

Make sure to give his EP a listen and to stay tuned!

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