• Brooke

New Music: Eades // Same Guy

Updated: May 27, 2020

Leeds based ‘Eades’, a quintet collaborative project, have dropped their new release ‘Same Guy’. This is the perfect track for that bedroom groove and head bounce we all need in isolation. Eades display the beauty of collaboration with this track by fusing together the best of Indie-Rock and Psychedelic influences over the easy going Lo-Fi vocal. ‘Same Guy’ is the ultimate mood-lifter, amalgamating in a hook that is entirely addictive.

Opening with a charismatic guitar riff oozing a refreshing Funk sound, looping and streamlining the song, you cannot help but escape into its easy stride and instant pumped up tempo. The layering effect of the steady drumbeat, with the natural rhythm of the bongos and groove of the bass, Eades display a flair for tight and tasteful sounding instrumentals. Lead vocalist, Harry Jordan, narrates with a smooth semi-spoken and inviting part, effortlessly balancing a Lo-Fi and Dance-Funk combination. The opening verse and chorus prepare the foundation for an acceleration of groove nearing the end where drums burst and snare along with guitar melodies that intensify a lasting chant on vocal.

Conceptually grounded, the lyrics express a thoughtful reflection on the inevitability of getting older and the acceptance of our imperfections. This coming-of-age tune gazes into existential realisations and expresses these ideas with an uplifting and unifying clarity.

Together, this quintet has created a feel-good track that will last even when the sun goes down. With their EP approaching soon over the horizon, Eades have for sure set the vibe right with this track!


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Written by: Brooke