• Emma

New Music: Tom Auton // 9 Til 9

The punchy, static force of the opening beat plunges the listener into a frenzy of excitement and eager trepidation. Counting into the intro, a passionate voice in the frayed background, creating that contrast to the wondrous and piercing tone of those first few fiery lines. Heavy-hearted drumming procures the image that one is marching, with a purpose; across the street and in perfect rhythm to the tenacious beat. It draws you in and spits you right back out.

Continuing on his ingenious take on his classic rock-and-blues genre, Tom Auton hits a bit different with this new single. It seems harsher and harder; as if he is crying out into the void, desiring for his voice to be heard. And it works, as his harsh, rasping vocals scrape pleasantly against the intense heat of his exasperated lyrics: A sense of breaking free. He is seemingly craving the distractions, desiring overtime, yearning harshly for a release of tension from the tight grasp of reality.

To emphasise such passions and the acclaimed strengths of his new, electrifying track, Auton subdues the bridge into a soft and delicate riff, pairing it with a smoother form of vocals, in comparison to the deep harshness of the penetrating chorus. Thus, showcasing his talented and broad range within a twisted and flavourful turn in the alternative rock genre.

The heavy and high-energy bass places Tom Auton on a pedestal, and reiterates the very fact of his originality and expertise within the rock scene. Listen to his new track ‘9 Til 9’, and be sure to check out what else he has to offer. Tom is also booked to support Feeder in July, event page available here

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