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OIB, in aid of BWC, Presents: Orchards, LibraLibra, Pollon at The Hope & Ruin, BN1 (10 Jul 2019)

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

For 45 years, Brighton Women’s Centre has provided aid to self-identifying women for bereavement and trauma, they have supported women through homelessness, bereavement, abuse, and provided advice and stability for those going through the criminal justice system.

On July 10th, One Inch Badge brought community to The Hope and Ruin and in the process, raised enough money for 10 women to have counselling for a whole year. Needless to say, Orchards, were humbled that their very first sold out show would be in aid of such an essential support hub for the women of their hometown. With Pollon and LibraLibra in tow, little did we know, we were about to witness the girl-power party of 2019.


80’s inspired, six piece Pollon take to the stage like a duck to water. Their small choreographed sections from vocalists Lauren and Mollie are just the cherry on top of haunting harmonies and impressive range and power on their behalf. Pollon seek passion: their melodies intoxicating, their performance brimming with charisma and glamour - a perfect harmony of dramatic, yet real, raw, intense emotional performances coupled with affectionate banter between members onstage makes for a comfortably intimate atmosphere.

photo credits: @brightonmusicblog
Pollon [from left to right] Chris, Sean, Mollie, Lauren, Craig. Photo credits: Paul Carter @brightonmusicblog

There’s no room for overshadowing in Pollon. They are a seamless unit, both on-stage and in the writing room - as demonstrated by their elegantly eerie debut single, Strong, released earlier this year. Their melodies are haunting, a beautiful pairing of aching suspense and witchy prowess - Pollon will leave you craving.

photo credits: @geordieblue
Pollon [from left to right]: Chris, Mollie, Lauren, Craig, Max. Photo credits: Paul Carter @brightonmusicblog


For eccentric alt-rock foursome LibraLibra, putting on a production is but second nature. Here at Dusty we caught up with LibraLibra just last month, and yet again they dress to impress, and blow everyone away.

Whimsical and seductive, LibraLibra are pros at bringing their A game: unrelenting, heavy guitar atop razor-sharp synths barely scratch the surface of their sonic talents. Sugar and spice front-woman Beth Cannon awes with her striking vocal talent, shifting effortlessly between honeyed falsetto, to a smooth, deep intone; meanwhile, rhythm section Guy Jones and Joe Caple cinch a ruthless groove.

photo credits: Rob Orchard
LibraLibra: Guy Jones, Beth Cannon. Photo credits: Rob Orchard

Dramatic, titillating, locking in infectious beats and polished synth; LibraLibra may be messy, hectic, perhaps even a little daunting, nevertheless, their erratic demeanour and their aptitude for not giving a single fuck will leave you awe-inspired and very sweaty.


The room is packed out in anticipation for headliner Orchards, who bound on stage in high spirits. Diving straight into 2018 single ‘Age of You’, packing personality and crafting harmonies to break your heart, alt-pop four-piece expertly dabble in sophisticated math-rock influences - and somehow still manage to thrust three shower-worthy hooks right up your ear holes per song.

On the whole, Orchards are delightfully lovable. Their modest, larger-than-life charm and genuine passion translates to an atmosphere of palpable positivity. Humbled vocalist, Lucy Evers blows a kiss to the crowd when they take over another of Orchards’ endless memorable hooks, while bassist Dan Fane gives his thanks over and over. Thanks to the audience. Thanks to LibraLibra and Pollon. Thanks to raising money for such a good cause, to the sound guy, to the sold out tickets, thanks for dancing and for taking care of each other… Orchards leave no uncertainty of their gratitude.

It’s crystal clear that Fane, Evers, Rushton and Lee-Lewis are close friends; it’s rare to experience a band who gives back such a tangible sense of adoration. They have a talent for inclusion - as though you’re surrounded by family. Moreover, they clearly have the time of their lives every time they get to step on stage. Orchards leave you glowing, grinning and singing along for weeks.


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