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New Music: Oskar Braves // Fall

Oskar Braves' latest single 'Fall' is a cinematic pop-rock anthem that is raw, powerful and rife with an emotion that the English language lacks a word for. The five-piece, hailing from Fife, Scotland, have created a truly immersive sonic landscape that allows them all to thrive individually as musicians but also together as a well-oiled machine. I must admit I was surprised after first listening to the track to find it came in at just over three and a half minutes, as it felt a lot longer. But trust me when I say I mean that with the best of intentions.

The band cite artist such as The War on Drugs as influences for their huge, expansive sound. Which hits the nail on the head. ‘Fall’ is rich in a diverse array of sounds which all mix together in a delicious melting pot. And with each listen, you'll find another sound you didn't hear the first time around, which is one of the things that makes this song so enjoyable.

A delay-ladened guitar line leads the song's introduction, with a riff akin to the stadium-filling sounds of U2 and The Temper Trap, and from there the song keeps building. A tom-heavy beat thuds triumphantly as the song's heartbeat, accompanied by stabbing sawtooth synths, rumbling bass and intricately layered guitar parts. The vocals are what really stand out on Fall, the lead singers voice is booming and raspy, but carries an emotional fragility to it. They feel reminiscent of artists such as Sundara Karma and The Killers.

‘Fall’, as a single, is ambitious and unwavering, it’s a song that demands to be heard. With an easily accessible sound and high level of craftsmanship, I'm sure everyone will find a different something to enjoy in Oskar Braves' welcome familiarity.

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Written by: Lawrie