• Emma

New Music: Our Family Dog // All My Friends

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

‘All My Friends’ is the new upbeat, energetic and buoyant track from Our Family Dog, a song that perfectly combines new and old elements of Brit mixed with Alternative music. A fun twist on the genre, the song provides a backdrop for both danceable and contemplative settings, filled with an aura of something different and of intrigue.

Madness-esque vibes and styles spring to mind, with the punctuating and staccato notes of the piano chords accompanying the heavily-accented lyricism, making a point, and proving an interesting listen for the audience. The drums and guitars mould together succinctly, in a steady, enthusiastic and persistent rhythm.

With the piano-style reminiscent of a Two-Tone Britain, the intonation of the singing pairs perfectly with the dynamic and animated beat, both the guitars and the drums and the piano guiding you to the gradual dip into the bridge—transforming into a less in-your-face to a more mellowed and deepened musical experience. A chorus of grumbling, distant vocals smooth into the background, alongside the soft hum and conversational vibration of the greyish and talkative male-lead. The contrast between the two different sounds present in the song convey an alternative juxtaposition: switches to a more contemplative mode.

The ups-and-downs and interesting contrasts prove the song to be one that intrigues and promises. Recorded and produced at the Third Circle, the edgy and alternative combinations and tones are eloquent to the music and complement the rough, leading vocal: a mindful alternative interpretation to an indie genre that is ever-growing and swelling. Check out their album art (produced by the band) and their social media!

Our Family Dog

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Written by: Emma