• Enya Williams

New Music: Peace in Protest // Coda

Sink your teeth into Peace in Protest’s latest emotionally-charged single. Coda, is comfortable - yet raw. Reminiscent of Lower than Atlantis’ Deadliest Catch”, Peace in Protest have merged the raw passion of a classic brit-alternative with the smooth over tones of the U.K’s favourite indie pop bands. No doubt this is a single that will never fail to get a crowd hyped and sweaty: a fervent sing-along anthem, sandwiched between a wall of gravelly guitar tones and a graceful mix of both effortlessly rounded vocals and fresh grit.

Peace in Protest have perfected the art of tasteful dynamics and catchy hooks for this newest release, beginning your first verse with a full bass at the forefront, coexisting seamlessly with a tight beat; and just when you think they’ve slipped into something that almost tastes like a cliche, they change it up again - here is a band that know how to keep their listeners hooked and on their feet. Coda is the perfect example of a tune written by musicians that know less is more, but occasionally decided on more anyway.

In classic Brighton fashion, Peace in Protest have written this song with performance, not recording, in mind. Close your eyes and this song takes you to a packed basement gig where pure sweat and a wall of pure, unadulterated sound surrounds every side. Coda is both the grazed knee, and the band aid.

If you’re a fan of Fatherson, DON BROCO and Architects, this is your new favourite track. Listen to Coda available on Spotify and iTunes now.

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