• Brooke

New Music: PERMO // Heroin

Scottish trio, PERMO have dropped their new single ‘Heroin’, a track that unearths the raw and addictive essence of Punk music vibrant across the UK’s underground scene. PERMO have established a strong presence in the venues of Glasgow and with DIY tracks reminiscent of Slaves and IDLES, we can be sure their presence is only going to grow. The sound that we Punk lovers crave is unleashed in this track, giving you a serious dopamine, headbanging hit.

The track opens with a solo riff that is instantly menacing, brooding within dark reverberations that build a sense of tension. Transitioning to the heavy and quickly paced sequence of the guitar and bass, the sound launches itself into the punk heavens where only thunder can be heard. Driving the sound into madness, is the excellently defined and passionate rhythm of drums that brings unrestrained fervour throughout.

The lead vocalist is a force to be reckoned with, but one that you’d be mad not to join in with. Primitive and brutal, the vocals burst with lyrics chanting, “she’s addictive, you keep on going back, try to break your habit but she’s worse that smoking crack”. Evocative of Isaac Holman’s attitude and expressed with a Scottish dialect, you’d listen to his advice about your bird if he was your mate.

PERMO’s ‘Heroin’ is a short taste of what this band has to offer to the Underground scene. Energetic, unruly and sheer punk terrorism, this is not a track you want to miss out on.


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Written by: Brooke