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New Music: Pizza Crunch // Coma-Inducing Gibberish

A contrasting combination of electric energy and a peaceful reflection runs rampant in Pizza Crunch’s new single ‘Coma-Inducing Gibberish’, enwrapped within a wonderful selection of guitar strums and deep, resonating vocals. It catches your attention, and makes one think of our old commuted routes. The chorus plunges and soars, and forces you into a corner of self-perception. Ups and downs.

The band’s fresh and nuanced release speaks volumes. Amid an optimistic air, they allude to the most recent past; of the absurdity of the world and its situation, and of the consequential sentiments and emotions attached. Feeling lost and unsure, encompassed entirely and succinctly by the stacked irony of the provocative lyrics. The idea that “life outgrew us” makes one relate to the recent stagnation of life that we all have experienced. Paired with a turbulent, upbeat and yet insanely fun indie-sound, the band’s new single screams for your intent attention.

“Perpetually pessimistic” perfectly and poignantly summarises the brewing cloud of anxiety and instability that the current crisis presents to us. Alliteration aside, the contrasting optimistic tone and elements of the track adheres to this notion of ‘a light at the end of the tunnel’. Desiring and craving to be played and performed in a live setting.

Make sure to give Pizza Crunch’s new single and other tracks out! Perfect for a demure and reposed listen, and filled with a tone of optimism that we all need for these trying times.

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