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New Music: Saltwater Sun // Mouthbreather

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Perfect for both a fast car-ride with all the windows down setting, or an intimate, darkened room with dimmed lights and crowds of people setting; this new track combines contrasts between soft and hard, dark and the light, to emphasise the biting and comprising elements of the intelligent lyricism. Saltwater Sun have really outdone themselves, with this catchy, uplifting and biting new track that perfectly catches attention and cleverly builds the tension.

Deep, suave and sensual starting vocals coupled with the ping of guttural bass sounds sets the tone for quintessential start to a necessary combination of encompassing and overwhelming the audience; and those who are listening. It sparks attention in the best way. The tension created by the bass effortlessly falls into the crash of the drums and cymbals, turning up the tempo, intertwining the riveting build-up with the contrasted smooth and harsh rhythms of the female lead. The chorus signifies a biting gear-shift in the track, with the perfected pairing of the drums and the guitars.

The London-based quartet have kick-started the arrival of their new material in 2020 fantastically. Their eclectic but strong, bold indie-rock sound promises a new twist on the alternative, rocky genre, with ‘Mouthbreather’ acting as a catalyst for fresher, bolder sounds, propelling their indie vibrations into a different but more sensual, intriguing direction. The fierce and acute lead vocals, paired with the intensity of the chorus of backing guitars is reminiscent of their inherent vivacity and potency.

“It’s true some things are better left unsaid”, and it’s true that ‘Mouthbreather’ beautifully compiles clever, lyricist elements alongside tamed-but-wild structure. The song is just a starter for what is to come, and Saltwater Sun are a band to look out for. Available on multiple digital platforms—make sure to check them out.

Saltwater Sun

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Dusty Studio Productions

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Written by: Emma