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New Music: Sasha Rylei // Winter To Spring

‘Winter To Spring’ is Sasha Rylei’s new soothing yet quietly funked-up track, encompassed by a lighter and airier tone befitting to that of the seasonal transition that she so beautifully sings of. Transformative lyrics that detail the shrouded sensation that the dark mornings can bring metamorphose into this elevated sentiment that alludes to a thawing of these sombre emotions; she sings that they “melt away”, and her delicate vocals are indicative of that fact.

Almost immediately, you are drawn in to the soft and sweet notes of Rylei’s voice. The softness intertwines and mingles impeccably with the backing beat, singing of a liquefaction of negative thoughts and of the darkness that can embody those winter months. The shift in lyricism throughout the song almost trickles into the background, as she smothers the feelings that she sings of within an embrace of muted inflections and a softened articulation that metaphorically melts throughout the song.

Particularly striking about Rylei’s nuanced track are the poetical hints to the subdued intonations. She uses the imagery of nature and of flowers returning to their fullest, the song embodying the blossoming of leaves that inevitably comes with the season of spring. I imagine her song as a seemingly perfect background to a spring day such that is described; conjuring an image of a soft, natural light and of a wholesome, reposed feeling.

With sunnier days going to be among us, Sasha Rylei’s new song immaculately and beautifully represents these brighter sensations. Be sure to give her new song a listen to saturate that spring-time feeling. Go check it out.

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Written by: Emma http://bit.ly/somrmaughm