• Enya Williams

Second Wave Promotions Presents: Stone Cold Fiction + Support at Green Door Store, BN1 (08 Apr 2019)

Second Wave Promotions really pushed themselves with this 5-band lineup of pure filth, did they pull it off?


Rabbit Hole uses Green Door Store’s sound system to their benefit, with a rhythm section to rattle your ribcage. This 3 piece powerhouse of a band, self-described as “moody-blues and riff heavy” (and they couldn’t be closer to the truth) bring precision and clarity to what could’ve been too easily a messy set. Rabbit Hole is twice the bass, twice the meat. Their personality keeps things light hearted, but their sound is all beef, no mess. They create an awesome atmosphere that is bright and clear, yet still fuzzy and dark. They bring in the crowd; and the rest is history.


When figuring how to describe a band like CUTTING TIES, words like: aggressive, gritty, emotionally-driven and raw comes to mind. Don’t let these descriptors fool you - despite being, arguably, one of the heavier, impassioned-bordering-hysterical bands of the night, this post-hardcore band spend most of their time between songs bantering with each other and the crowd. CUTTING TIES are an absolute, up-and-coming must-see. It’s vitality, it’s charisma, it’s flailing limbs - plus the bass player provides an adequate amount of hairography.


4-piece, female-fronted Swanmeat, take the third slot on the lineup. They have a mysterious and unique approach to engaging their audience and lay into their vocalists deeper, smokey tones by contrasting bright, heavy riffs. They create a perfect fusion of dark, bass-heavy 90’s inspired grunge and upbeat modern alt rock. Swanmeat come across as enigmatic in nature, they didn’t provide the same levels of hyperactive energy as their predecessors, but this isn’t to say it doesn’t work in their favour, or imply that they didn’t fit in the lineup. As a matter of fact they bring a filthy, but almost theatrical touch to the evening.


By far the most anticipated band of the night, Our Family Dog take no time to bring the crowd back in from the bar and everything starts to get very sweaty. Politically driven and undeniably catchy, our fourth slot of the night goes to a band that can only be described as a kind of Brit-Punk/Ska fusion - pure filth, all groove.

Squeezing the entirety of the band (6 members, unless I lost count) on to a small stage is a feat within itself, but Our Family Dog go one step ahead and actively use every morsel of available space to them. Each member holds their own performance-wise, yet their energy and musical ability works cohesively as a band. They’re fun, boisterous and above all talented performers.


An unfortunate choice of headliner, not because they weren’t good, but because every one seemed to have had their fill after Our Family Dog, which left our headliners with half the crowd they truly deserve. Stone Cold Fiction are the perfect example of a trio that locked it in. They churn out slick, heavy grooves and on the whole, seem more at ease than any of the previous bands to be on stage. Everything these three do is deliberate, dynamic and hard-hitting - they are, without a doubt, a band of purpose and vision. It’s worth mentioning that the drummer was playing in socks - you thought we didn’t notice, but we did. +20 hardcore points.

Stone Cold Fiction

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Our Family Dog

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Rabbit Hole

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Dusty Studio Productions

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All photo credits: Second Wave Promotions