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New Music: SLANT // Haircut

Befitting for the current peculiarity of our times, SLANT’s new and upcoming single sheds fun and light onto the uncertainty of everything, while perhaps also reflecting everyone’s need to desperately get a haircut! The colourful collective reminisce heavily upon the glam-rock era, punctuating their refreshing and nuanced take on an old sound with a fast-paced, post-punk influence. Combining a plethora of influences, the band achieve an eclectic pigmentation of their own, original sound. The ‘female-fronted powerhouse’ are most certainly something to look out for!

The song infiltrates with a soft-spoken voice, interwoven into the fun and funky twang of the guitar strings. With summery and sun-filled vibes, the song dips from one interesting twist to another, going from a slower, dialogue-driven and pent-up verse, to a 70s-style of chorus, complete with punky intonations and desires. ‘I just cut my hair’ is appeased with such force and vivacity, that one is convinced entirely of the purpose of the song.

What is fun and fresh about the track is that it possesses a perfect combination of new and old: both retaining a glamorous style of old-rock and introducing a replenishing twist of funkier ups-and-downs. Accompanied by the syncopated and somewhat psychedelic backdrop, the chorus is provoked by the contrast in the punk, hardcore vocals, pushing the song into a realm that SLANT seem to have created on their own. A new and fun take on the intermingling of genres.

“Now they all just wanna cut their hair”, which can’t help but convey itself as a relatable statement, during the strange and bizarre nature of the present moment. Their fun, fast-paced song exudes energy and excitement. Give them a listen and make sure to check out their up-and-coming music!


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Written by: Emma http://bit.ly/somrmaughm