• Enya Williams

New Music: Stepbrother // Teeth

The indie-rock foursome Stepbrother have had ten years to find and perfect their sound, and it truly shows. Well put together, their unique dynamic comes across even in their studio recordings. They are good at what they do, however Teeth, the shortest track out of 5, is on the whole, uninspired. I took the opportunity to listen to the other four tracks released on Stepbrother’s debut Nearest & Dearest and found myself wondering why the weakest track on the record ended up being, as of yet, the only single.

Do not misunderstand, Teeth is not a bad song, not even close: guitar heavy, dancey, with a 4-to-the-floor beat - Stepbrother are bringing to the table everything you’d expect from indie in 2019 and more. However their signature, fuzzy tone toes the line to muddiness at times. The most memorable part of the 2:20 track is its hook, although the chorus does provide some quality gang-type vocals that would translate well in a live scene. Overall, Teeth is reminiscent of a good idea that didn’t really go anywhere during the writing process - but ended up being too dear to resign to the unreleased back catalogue.

'Teeth' single artwork

All of this aside however, Teeth is still an aggressive, moody-punk track that has merit as a ballsy, live anthem. No doubt Stepbrother have no trouble bringing the unabridged personality of their EP to the stage.


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