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New Music: Steven Bamidele // Little by Little by Little

In a style that is so classic of Bamidele, this new single is defined by the sweet, lyrical tones of his voice, in accompaniment to the softened backing sound of the synth, the beat of the drum both muffled and ever-present, guiding the song to a pleasant and gratifying denouement. Defined by his sultry air of melancholia, his perfected vocals transcend the ease of atmosphere that he creates; ‘Little by Little by Little’ shows every sign of his character and individuality as an artist.

What he achieves is a calm that washes over the listener. The beauty of the deep-set voice acts as a catalyst for the gentle backdrop of relaxation, interwoven within the softened lyrical notes and tones, easing the ears; shedding light on the situation. Adds a soft hum to the vibrations of the gentle soul sounds. Extending his vocal range, Bamidele conveys both high capabilities and low qualities that add rhythm and depth, punctuating the song with both, differing contrasts; the sweetened dip in the bridge protrudes the titling lyrics to make them stand out: a treat anyone who desires a soothing sound to listen to.

Steven Bamidele

“Everything’s clearer than it’s ever been before”, and the song certainly speaks of a maturity and of a clarity that pervades the humming senses of the new track, promoting stronger, ameliorated and more wonderful vocalist aspects, promising even more for his future as an artist. It conveys a meaning of a point of reflection for the listener, and suggests a notion of a period of ‘looking back’, and taking things slowly—carefully, poignantly—so as to ensure a balance of both the positive and more difficult times.

Make sure to check out Steven Bamidele’s new track ‘Little by Little by Little’.

Steven Bamidele

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Written by: Emma