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New Music: Ten Hands High // Silent (With You)

Dive into this fresh, provocative yet relaxing track, delivered from Ten Hands High, one that

encompasses the feeling of a release of tension amid a backdrop of the warmth of the autumnal sun seeping through the windows; reminiscent of these chilled, pensive months. Combining their eclectic collaboration of genres, ‘Silent (With You)’ quaintly and perfectly explores a variety of tones, both the contents of a subdued sense of reflection, and a heavily-optimistic desire.

“I know that we just met…” The band sets the scene for the concept of the song with reference to the pop-culturally famous scene of Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega sitting across from each other at a dimly-lit diner. The atmosphere of the scene depicts a romantic tension between the two, where perhaps the song title alludes to this idea that silence can fill the room with noise, so to speak. This nostalgic, pseudo-date scene is encompassed by the band with a slightly sombre, softened attitude, the music paired with the deeper tone of the lead vocals.

“I wanna be silent with you”, the chorus belts, which conjures the prominence of the intensity of mere eye-contact and bodily connection, circumscribed by the band to allude to the two characters. Perhaps it’s not just limited to Mia and Vincent. The contrast of the soft, silky verse to the more passionate chorus is embedded within the titling: silent, but with somebody else. A sense of reflecting within the quiet to enjoy the company of another.

The London-based group sustain their interesting twist on the indie-alternative genre, through assertively and selectively borrowing from a variety of other sounds, perfecting the ebb and flow of the track. With their conceptual lean with the inspiration for the song, it performs as provocative of the time, projecting this sense of a nostalgia peppered with futuristic elements. Go give it a listen.

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