• Brooke

New Music: Ten Hands High // Sweet

Ten Hands High have dropped their new single ‘Sweet’, a track that offers an escape into the visceral feelings of new beginnings. Formulated in Leeds, the band encapsulates the very best of indie-rock rhythms and dance nuances, along with lyrics which radiate natural charisma and vibrancy. Presenting all the elements needed for a summer inducing track, this single sets the mark for their debut EP, ‘Sweet’, to be released in May. Listening to this track, you’ll be anticipating more of Ten Hands High’s alternative, blue-skied brilliance.

Opening the song is an electric guitar riff that offers a clean melody and yet oozes playfulness. Accompanied by the rhythmic tapping of the drums, which occasionally dance with hi-hats and cymbals, the sound springs and bounces effortlessly in the atmosphere. Arrangements feel fresh, and holds a stylish charm, allowing you to inhale and exhale easy vibrations. Lead vocalist, Alexi, sings with a chilled and confident demeanour, narrating the freedom of finally getting over the person you thought you loved; “I’ve forgotten what tears taste like, I’ve been sweet for a while”. The weightlessness of the sound reflects that of the weight lifted when infatuation becomes demystified. Versus are filled with flirtations of guitar variations, backing vocals and mellow synths, augmenting instinctively with the rhythm of the bass line and drums. Entering the crescendo, the sound is amplified by a classic indie-rock guitar solo, executing something familiar and brand new at the same time. TTH have created a track that is lyrically relatable and empowering, coated with attractive indie-pop-rock instrumentals.

Ten Hands High have produced a single perfect for golden hour and your 2021 feel-good playlist. Go check out their new single ‘Sweet’ and await their debut EP!

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