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New Music: The Rotanas // Get The Call

Did you get the call? You have now, and there is something exciting waiting on the line. Cardiff based band, The Rotanas are soon to release their brand-new single ‘Get The Call’ with Disobedient Records. Showcasing their 90s rock n’ roll rhythms and modern vocals, The Rotanas capture the very best of the Brit-pop era, whilst also offering the laid-back character of revival bands such as DMA’s.

Opening the track is a wiry guitar effect which expands and morphs easily into a refined guitar melody, with the drumbeat occupying a measured and captivating rhythm. Immediately, you’re swept back into the angst of the 90s, landing on a sound reminiscent of Oasis’, ‘Time Flies...’. Get the Call effortlessly masters that nostalgic buzz of Brit-pop, commanding lightning through your bones.

What makes this single so persuasive, is the undertones of ethereal dreaminess among its undeniable rock n’ roll fervour. Displayed by Wattons’ main vocals, an immersive tone, eases you into the catchy lyrics and hook, ‘Did you get the call?’. The backing vocals amalgamate in a soft haze in occasion with the main vocal, offering a dynamic which lifts the sound into the misty air. Along with classic rock influences asserted by slick and reverberating guitar licks, The Rotanas create a psychedelic energy by engaging in sonic experimentation. Nearing the close, synths swarm around the exaggerated grind of the electric guitar, souring the sound into a trance by the ending crescendo.

This Welsh five-piece have mastered the stylish essence of Brit-pop and alternative rock, providing at the same time, a sound which is raw and gritty, a dynamic that I’m sure would be powerful to hear live.

The call hasn’t ended just yet! To Pre-save The Rotanas new single ‘Get the call’, check out the links below.

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Written by: Brooke http://bit.ly/brookedwrds_